Planning the Perfect Halloween Party: The KidSpaces Way

It’s that time of year again: time to pull out the decorations, fill up the candy buckets, find those perfect costumes and throw a party! Here at KidSpaces we love Halloween! In honor of this fun holiday, we’ve decided to plan out a party just for you!

Step 1: The Decorations

You can’t have a Halloween party without some great decorations. We’ve found some DIY things to get you started. Grab some empty cereal boxes or snack boxes and some old fabric to create some great mummies. You could also create your own tombstones with Styrofoam, grey spray paint and sharpies (or black paint). Whatever you choose to do, you can’t forget to carve the pumpkins. We found a website with some great tips for pumpkin carving.

Step 2: The Food

You’ve got to have yummy snacks at a Halloween party. You can create candy corn rice krispy treats, cemetery cookie dessert, or even some “moldy” popcorn balls. These treats are yummy for the kids (and adults!) and easy to make!

Step 3: The Costumes

Costumes ideas are always a challenge when it comes to Halloween. There are just so many options. You can always go with store-bought costumes (those can be pretty cool), but, if you’re in the creative mood or trying to save some money, you can go the DIY route. Here’s a website with some great costume ideas and instructions on how to make them.

Step 4: The Activity

You can’t have an awesome Halloween party without an awesome activity. That’s where KidSpaces comes in! You choose the painting for us to teach the kiddos how to create. It can be a pirate, a ghost, a princess, a pumpkin…absolutely anything! We’ll provide the paintbrushes, paint, canvases and smocks. Best of all, we come to you!